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    Who We Are

    Our Vision is The Clear Choice is Concrete. CCPPA was established in 2013 to represent concrete pipe producers, prest concrete manufacturers and suppliers to the prest concrete industry. As a not-for-profit association, our Mission is Protect & Advance our Industry, and the interests of concrete pipe and prest concrete products used in nada.



    Major Mackenzie Drive Culvert Replacement ...

    The Regional Municipality of York (York Region) recently undertook an emergency culvert replacement for a ...

    pipe systems

    Rigid and Flexible Pipe Systems

    System evaluationA buried pipeline is a system that integrates the properties of the soil surrounding ...

    City of Toronto Basement Flooding ...

    In recent years, signifint rain events have produced an increase in basement flooding issues in ...


    Skewed Box Culvert Addresses Challenging ...

    The Regional Municipality of York (loted north of Toronto, Ontario) is investing in building a ...


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